Special issue: Multiple Property Ownership

Together with Justin Kadi (TU Wien) and Christian Lennartz (PBL), I guest edited a special issue for the International Journal of Housing Policy, on the advance of multiple property ownership.

Justin, Christian and I wrote an extended introduction to the special issue, discussing the various forms of multiple property ownership and its relevance to contemporary urban and housing studies.

The special issue is part of my VENI research project funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

The included papers are as follows:

Multiple property ownership in times of late homeownership: a new conceptual vocabulary, by Justin Kadi, Cody Hochstenbach and Christian Lennartz


Second homes in the city and the country: a reappraisal of vacation homes in the twenty-first century, by Meaghan Stiman.

Inside the world of middle-class Hong Kong transnational property investors: ‘5980 miles to my second home’, by Hang Kei Ho.